Double bass finger tape

Double bass finger tape application instructions
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Buy our finger tape to protect your blistered or damaged fingers if you are a double bass player or electric bassist.
We have sold over 5000 of these items in the last year. Here's what some of our taping customers say:

"Received with thanks Steve, and may I say, what a fine product this is, (the tape saved my fingers from total destruction whilst on tour earlier this year). I can't thank you enough for helping to relieve the pain that was compromising the pleasure of playing. All the best for the future Steve, and I will definitely be buying this product from you again."
P.S. I could never play 2 gigs in the same day � now I can easily � thank you. ( M.F. )

"I tape up every gig, without fail. Always have, always will. I can play as hard as I like, for as long as I like, as often as I like without having to worry about blisters. A double bass players toughness is not how many blisters he has. Thank you for recommending this product" (F.G.)

"I have many sessions on the same day especially festivals, I leave it on for the whole day and it lasts all day" (R.C.)

"The problem is - a combination of gig adrenaline & poor onstage sound leads me to playing a lot harder and aggressively than in a rehearsal. Also sweating a lot means my finger tips soften. It took me quite a while to get a taping combination that works until now" (R.S.)

"I am a classical DB player and always play Arco in a symphony orchestra. I help out with my local school/college/am dram music centre projects and shows, because I am not used to the strenuous pizzicato playing I use you tape and think it is superb. I would thoroughly recommend it to any double bass players." (J.T.)

"Hi Steve I am a drummer and love your tape, there are other tapes us drummers use but they are all really sore to get off, yours is perfect you should call it Drummers Finger Tape" (G.H.)

"I am one of the DB dep choices in the BBC Big Band with constant studio and touring work, I came across your tape on the internet and am very happy writing a piece recommending it, its saved my fingers many times, thanks Steve." (T.F.)

"Hi Steve, I am an electric bass player and use this tape a lot, its great. I would recommend this product to all electric players, there's nothing out there for us that comes anywhere close to the quality of your product its also great value for money, thanks for a first class service." (E.J.)


Don't blister the life out of your seasoned, doghouse fingers - stop playing through the pain and order your double bass finger tape today!

If you're a Jazz, Blues, Folk, Bluegrass, Country, Rock n Roll, Rockabilly, Psychobilly or New Orleans Double Bass player this product is for you. It will get you through your gig, your tour or your student exam. We thoroughly recommend and endorse this product. It lasts for hours and protects sore and damaged fingers, nails and fingertips. Also used and recommended by electric bass players.


Double Bass Finger Tape
UK only: £6.00 per roll + £3 postage

See below for non-UK prices

Largest single order size is 4 rolls

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  • Professional double bass finger tape
  • 2.5cm width
  • Strong, comfortable and durable
  • Lasts for hours and hours
  • Protects sore and damaged fingers and fingertips
  • Safe, non toxic and easy to use
  • Easy to remove
  • No glue seeping through and damaging our strings
  • White/cream in colour
  • Diagram supplied illustrating how to use/apply
  • Each roll individually hygienically packed and sealed
  • Length of roll 5 meters
We also strongly recommend this product to keep in your gig bag for an emergency.
UK Price - £6.00 per roll plus £3.00 postage for 1 to 4 rolls

We have had many inquiries for the price of multiple rolls of this tape. You can buy up to 4 rolls per order for the same UK postage price of �3.00. Postage is slightly high on this product due to the size falling in to the UK Royal Mail parcel rate rather than the letter rate. The largest single order we can accept is for 4 rolls.


Europe - £6.00 per roll plus £8.00 postage for 1 to 4 rolls
Worldwide - £6.00 per roll plus £12.00 postage for 1 to 4 rolls


Double Bass Finger Tape
Europe: £6.00 per roll + £8 postage

Largest single order size is 4 rolls

Double Bass Finger Tape
Worldwide: £6.00 per roll + £12 postage

Largest single order size is 4 rolls

My Double Bass Story

Hi, I'm Steve Tucker. As a long-time double bass player, I've been through the frustration and pain barrier of having overworked and overplayed sore fingers. I spent many years playing acoustically in jazz, folk and rock �n� roll bands where the promoter's requirement was strictly no amplification. I guess this was to replicate the authentic original sound of the era. I made a wooden hollow soundboard to project the sound with a hole for the endpin � it worked very well but I struggled on with callouses, blisters, cracks and cuts on my fingers.

Steve Tucker double bass finger tape   I was working on trying to get a big, ballsy tone and sound that would travel. I learnt very quickly the need to dig in, to learn how to develop my slap playing and really pull the sound out of my bass. The hallmark sound I was looking for on the bass was to push for its percussive quality, I wanted a real ballsy tone and volume. The secret of effective DB playing is of course all in the fingers.

I started to learn very quickly about blood blisters and building callouses. I would pop them with a needle, drain them and soak them in surgical spirit, alcohol, vinegar - anything I could get my hands on. I even used super glue to get me through a gig. I was quick to realise these solutions were temporary, could cause infections and the liquids could get into my blood stream. I tried using lighter gauge strings, nylon and gut strings and even lowering the action. None of these options gave the sound I was looking for.

As our gigs got bigger we had to to use amplification but I still wanted that natural sound and tone of the double bass. Turning up the amp to compensate for my bruised and damaged finger tips was an option but I lost the tone and I started to sound like an electric bass player. I then started to experiment with taping my fingers. I tried so many manufacturers, visited so many chemists even discussed my requirement with pharmacists and doctors but they didn't really understand my product problem. They would say stop playing and leave the blisters to heal for a while - no practice - no gigs, but I didn't have that time as I was playing 4/5 times a week with recording sessions in between. I simply didn't have enough recovery time. They explained to me that my finger tips along with my tongue were the most sensitive part of my body and needed protection if I was to continue my dynamic style of playing. They saw no need for me to endure so much pain while I was playing.

As musicians we need to take care of our hands. After trying many, many tape products I finally came across a manufacturer of a fantastic product and now here it is, available to you today!

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